We: The Guillotine

by Early Graves

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Vincent Wisehoon
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Vincent Wisehoon One of the best fusions of metal and hardcore out there. Few bands can pack this much energy and riffing into an album without sacrificing for it elsewhere.
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released August 19, 2008



all rights reserved


Early Graves San Francisco, California

General: earlygraves@gmail.com

Contact: Mark Vieira- mark@goodfightentertainment.com

Booking: C Andrew Rice/The Kenmore Agency: andyrice@thekenmoreagency.com

Early Graves: a mixture of old school Swedish death metal and American hardcore punk and have drawn comparisons to Napalm Death, Carcass, Tragedy and Testament among others.
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Track Name: House Nigger

Hang me. Hang me. Hang me from a tree. Hang me.

Your father would see me swing. Just like his father before him.

So don your white hood mask just like your fathers and

their fathers before them.

My black skin is scarred by whips and chains and everything

you force yourself to hide behind.

Jim Crow

You're born slaves in the eyes of our blue eyed god.

Jim Crow

Get in line for the welfare lines.

Jim Crow

Don't you wish your skin was white like mine?

So sing and dance my blackfaced son and earn those pennies that they

throw at you.

The legacy of vultures follows them (in shadows) to their god of the

burning cross that lives in their eyes (and rips with their hands).

Jim Crow

You're born slaves in the eyes of our blue eyed god.

Jim Crow

Get in line for the welfare lines.

Jim Crow

Don't you wish your skin was white like mine?

Jim Crow

For all you've felt, for all you've seen, for all you've thought,

You don't know what sorrow means. You've never seen shame in

your mother's eyes. You don't know a thing you white


Pass the noose to your son to his son to his son.
Track Name: First Name: William
Handguns that make holes that make windows that make tired mothers grieve.

I've seen it with my own eyes and these days I can't even fall asleep.

"All rise, Jury. What's your verdict?"

"Just one last thing...Mr. Porter...How does it feel to kill?"

It breaks my selfish heart to see you get away.

I'd choke you with grieving hands just so I could say "How does it

feel to kill?"
Track Name: Rest
Track Name: Last Name: Porter

The loss breaks my selfish heart.

No one came to say a goddamn thing.

No one came to cry.

It's just you the wind, the loss and I.

I'll burn all this down. And make sure that it never goes out.

I can still taste the ashes in my mouth. Human waste. Things have gone south. Stinging in my eyes so sweet the sound of love. I look far behind. The tide slowly grows. Inside of my head. The acid slowly goes. Try not to answer the calling I don't know. On top of the mountain. I hunt in the night. A blast so enduring. My blood starts to boil. I can't look away. The time of the sun. I can't live this way.

Your funeral I've begun. Drowning in loneliness and despair..."Come

here," said the ocean..."Come here..."
Track Name: The Man in Black Fled Across The Desert

I followed him with guns blazing.

Gunfire and soul lights up the night sky.

Let us walk through centuries.

Let us turn to face the storm.

Let us kill with six chambered hearts.

Reloading at every breath.


I am no saint.


I only deal in lead.


go on then.

I will believe again. I will believe again.

The world has moved on so go on, go on then.

There are other worlds than these.
Track Name: Ghosts Among Us

(forgive me, Ms. Mason, forgive me)

Just like you I turn out all those lights and choke back tears through the rest of the night.

I'm scared and don't know what to do so I'm
drinking hard for me and you.

And all the restless ghosts that call us home. Those fragile hopes that have long since gone.

Your tired eyes on the prize of endless sleep or an equal lesser half truth lie.

"I'll choose the grave, between these, I'll choose the grave"

The ghosts among us.

Open the blinds to that old grey sun, so I can burn for the things I've done.

"I can't keep the hurt away just like the dark at the end of my days"

All remorse. No recourse. I've abandoned you over and over and I can't forgive myself ever again.

"I'll choose the grave,between these, I'll choose the grave"

The ghosts among us (how they call us home).
Track Name: Borrowed Teeth, Borrowed Claws

You are the last minute traitor.

You're the dark behind every man's eyes.

You're the one who rapes and maims and kills from afar.

This is your congregation.

The first and the last.

The screaming dead of your greatest failures the world has ever known

I've always known.

They say at night they hear our howls.

They say come dawn their sons are dead.

They say come dusk we're through the door and at their throats.

Hunter, I've called your name.

So raise your white flag.

Raise the white flag.

Do you want me to say it again?

Oh I said it.

Do you hear me now?

Say it. Say it now.

The screaming dead of your greatest failures the world has ever known.

I've always known.

Raise the white flag and die.
Track Name: Here There Be Monsters
Lyrics by Eugene Robinson and Makh Daniels
Track Name: City Of Angels of Nothing At All

It's an epidemic. Vampires in suits using the satellites.

Through screens they gnaw and tear their way towards us like rotting worms.

Those old whores bought this shithole and hooked their hands into

it's worthless heart.

The devil laughs and spits his venom into their sullen veins.


Dare to shoot them between the eyes.

Dare to stake them to the hilt.

To The Hilt.

Bury them again and again and make sure that they never rise.

Shoot Them.

Those red carpet vultures.

Hang Them.

Those network jackals.

Torch Them.

Those sideline wolves.

Bury Them.

In their own shit over and over.

Erase the dead signal con (upload sharpnel into their fucking faces).